TEST DATA
Environmental Testing Service  (ETS) in Roanoke, Virginia, is certified
by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to produce performance
data on filter media. The test, patterned after German VDI Method
3926, conditions the filter material under load during 10,000
continuous pulses at filtration velocity of 2.0 m/min and dust loading of
about 18 g/Nm3 with average particle size of 1.5 microns. The filter
material is then allowed to recover during a further 30 pulses before
particle penetration, pressure drop and time interval between pulses
and number of pulses are recorded over a 6-hour period. All in all, the
duration of the testing period is about 17 hours.

For PTFE membrane filter media, the conditioning period is necessary to
establish the lamination integrity of the membrane - an unstable
membrane will delaminate during this period, leading to extremely high
emission results.

Technical Filters and our partners have submitted our APEX Polyester,
APEX Glass and APEX PTFE Felted membrane filter media to ETS for
testing. The results presented in the opposite column show the
performance of our APEX membranes to be equal to and/or superior to
that available in the public domain from any of the PTFE membrane
brands available to the industry.

The crystal clear message to the industry is that end users can
confidently install our APEX brand in their filtration systems according
to only the process parameters. Countless case histories fully support
the data generated in the laboratory. And, of course, each application
of our APEX PTFE filter media is backed by resolute and unvarnished
performance guarantees from our team.

Detailed filtration test data for APEX Polyester membrane can be
downloaded for review
                    APEX GLASS MEMBRANE

Detailed filtration test data for APEX Glass Membrane can be
downloaded for review

Detailed filtration test data for APEX PTFE felt with PTFE Membrane can
be downloaded for review

ETS has also tested Gore Pristine and Donaldson Tetratex Glass PTFE
membrane filter media on different occassions. The tests were however
performed under the same conditions as APEX Glass PTFE membrane
and the results are available in the public domain. Comparison between
the three Glass PTFE membrane filter media can be done and the data
show Donaldson Tetratex with the worst  emission by almost a factor
of ten. Donaldson Tetratex also registered the highest number of
pulses. APEX Glass membrane recorded the fewest number of pulses,
while the emission rate was comparable to Gore Pristine. The complete  
data can be downloaded for review